Why You Should Set Up an Open Enrollment Meeting with Your Employees

Open enrollment is the time of year where employees can enroll in a health, medical, or dental plan, or make changes to their current coverage such as adding a spouse or a dependent. Hosting an open enrollment meeting is a great way to educate employees on their benefits or changes to their plans, and help them understand the value of what your business is offering.

What Is Covered In An Open Enrollment Meeting?

Let’s face it, health insurance is complicated. That’s why we strongly suggest setting up an open enrollment meeting where we can review:

  • Different carriers and coverage offered for the plan year
  • Recommendations on coverage based on life stages or individual needs
  • How each plan works (the difference between an HMO, PPO, HSA, etc.)
  • What types of prescriptions are covered
  • What the annual out of pocket max would be if there were to be a catastrophic event for an individual or one’s family
  • And more …

What’s the Format of the Meeting?

Did you know that we also help set up open enrollment meetings tailored to your business? This was one of our most recent open enrollment meetings where we held an introductory presentation on the benefits, the carriers, and the coverage. We then sat down with the employees, answered questions, and helped them get set up with applying for health insurance through our benefit management system, EaseCentral.

One of the more unique enrollment meetings we helped plan was a carnival of sorts. Employees were able to take their time, talk to the carriers, have some food, and truly get engaged in the conversation. This type of open enrollment event really allows us to better educate both the employers and the employees on the value of their benefit offerings. It’s also a great opportunity to get questions answered.

Interested In Setting Up An Open Enrollment Meeting for Your Business?

If you’re interested in hosting an open enrollment like these, please feel free to give us a call. We’d love to talk to you more about what we can do for your business.

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