New Year’s Wellness Resolutions for your Business

The New Year is here and it’s the perfect time to make this year even better than the one before. While many resolutions tend to be based on individual goals, setting company goals (and sticking to them) can be equally important. Here are a few recommended resolutions to improve your workplace wellness this year.

1. Ongoing Benefits Education

Education, especially when it comes to understanding one’s health benefits, is extremely important. Most employers have an open enrollment meeting once a year but fail to host continuing education discussions. These types of meetings can really help employees feel comfortable with their benefit plans since they have even more opportunities to ask questions and get engaged in the conversation about how their benefits work.  We suggest setting up different meetings throughout the year such as once a quarter to discuss ongoing education around health plans, voluntary benefits, life insurance, and other benefit offerings. This will ensure that employees truly understand the value of their benefits and how they work.

2. Technology Integrations

If you haven’t upgraded your benefits process from lengthy paper forms to technology management solutions, this is the year to do so! Technology has become an integral part of benefits planning and continuing education. It saves time during enrollment for new employees throughout the year by enabling them to quickly complete their digital paperwork — meaning they have more time to do their job. Some solutions can even automate benefit reporting so your human resources manager doesn’t have to roam around the office asking who has completed their benefit paperwork.

Lastly, many benefit softwares offer solutions that improve access to plan details so employees don’t have to ask the HR manager what’s covered and what’s not before making an appointment. For a small fee, we offer a customized website/portal that allows your employees to view benefits, print forms, post important documents, and even look up doctors. Overall, technology saves time for your team and makes it easier for everyone to understand and access their benefit information so now is the time to go digital.

3. Encouraging Healthy Habits through Wellness Programs

Google understands that to get the best talent, they have to make their office a place people want to work. That’s why many companies are trying to emulate Google’s success through work sponsored wellness initiatives. Some examples we’ve seen companies include are regular office lunches, yoga, Meditation Monday’s, fitness challenges, walking meetings, and more. Ultimately, wellness programs can bring employees together, improve morale, and even make the team more productive. Make 2018 the year you put your team’s health first. If you’re not sure how to get started, just send us a message. Our Wellness Program solutions are designed to help your employees maintain a healthy, successful corporate culture.

We want your business to achieve even more success in 2018 which is why we encourage you to implement these workplace resolutions. Continue educating employees on their benefits, save time for your team by implementing technology solutions into your benefits planning (your HR Manager will thank you), and improve employee health and culture by implementing a corporate wellness program.

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