How ThinkHR Can Help Your Business Reduce Expenses

Introduction to ThinkHR: This is Part 1 of a series of blog posts we’ll be sharing on our preferred HR technology platform, ThinkHR. In this post, we’ll be discussing an overview of the tool and how it can help your business reduce expenses.

Have you ever found yourself faced with an impossible decision as an employer regarding HR responsibilities? Or have you been frustrated with all of the changing rules and regulations, and most importantly, the impending costs to make sure you’re compliant with those changes? With the constant growth of new laws, it makes it more and more difficult to have all the resources you need to make an educated HR decision.

When you have an HR-related question, who do you go to?

ThinkHR is a trusted resource that offers advice, training, and tools to help companies like yours grow while remaining compliant. Think of it as a fully integrated suite of HR knowledge with up-to-date compliance tools and live HR experts available to help any time you need it. Better yet, it has a 99% same-day answer rate to common HR questions which could ultimately help improve the rate at which you make decisions and ease your decision making process. We of course understand that “what seem like impossible” or “unique” situations arise all of the time, however, we truly believe that this tool can help assist you with many of those unprecedented scenarios. That’s why we offer it as an added resource to our clients at no cost to them.

How can ThinkHR save your business money? Here are a few examples:

  • Free Online Training Courses for Compliance & Prevention → ~$10,000 for one course
  • Live and Comply Job Description Builder with the Latest Employment Law Alerts → ~$129/month
  • Employee Handbook Builder → ~$2,500 (Attorneys charge $2,000 or more for a single handbook)
  • Live Consultations→ ~$100/hr.
  • Time→ priceless

What can risky HR behavior COST your business?

  • Employee Turnover → 1x the salary of that employee
  • Compliance Violations → Up to $250,000 in Fines
  • Settlement Fines → Up to Millions of Dollars
  • EEOC Violations→ Beyond $250,000
  • Legal Fees→ $300/hr. & Settlement Fees
  • Low Employee Morale→ Reputation & An Unmotivated Workforce
  • Lawsuits→ 6 out of 10 Employers Have Faced An Employee Lawsuit Within the Last 5 Years

At the end of the day, ThinkHR is an easy to learn resource available to help your business. From common HR questions, to compliance regulations, to ongoing training and employee retention plans, it is a one stop shop for all your HR needs. Most importantly, it is there to help you follow safe HR practices and avoid unexpected costs.

Want to experience it for yourself? Call (619) 222-0119 and we can set up a trial and answer any additional questions on what this tool can do for your business.

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