Why You Should Vote No On Prop 45

There has been quite a bit of debate on Prop 45. If you are unfamiliar with this ballot initiative, get the facts here. Essentially, Proposition 45 is a November 2014 ballot proposition that would give ONE politician control over healthcare costs. This means one politician would control the insurance rates and the quality of what they consider “acceptable” care. If approved, this could, and most likely will, result in increased costs of healthcare and a decrease in the quality care.

Covered California and the purpose of the Affordable Care Act was to encourage affordable, quality care for all. That is why California has an insurance commission that helps negotiate rates on behalf of the consumer. If Proposition 45 passes, the elected politician would be able to campaign and accept money from special interest groups, therefore creating bias when it comes to determining costs of coverage. If a special interest group helps a politician win the election by sponsoring his or her campaign, they may have an underlying agenda that does not have our state’s best interest in mind. However, the current insurance commission has an opportunity to work together and negotiate on behalf of all individuals residing in the state of California without outside influence.

Why is the law flawed:

    • Gives one politician too much power
    • One politician would control your premiums, treatment options, coverage, etc.
    • California would create another state bureaucracy which means higher costs for residents (most likely paid by higher insurance premiums)
    • Special interest groups can make profits on this measure by campaigning against reform measures and giving politicians money

More information on why you should vote no on Proposition 45 here.

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