Why Should Businesses Have a Wellness Program?

Now more than ever, it is important to find ways to keep employes happy in the workplace. We understand that running a business is not easy and you’ll never be able to please everybody. Some of your employees may be frustrated with the economy and how new healthcare laws have impacted their employee benefits. If you are a business owner who no longer offers health insurance, contributes less to your employee benefits package, or chose less expensive plans with fewer benefits, your employees may not be too thrilled with you right now.

These changes in health care law do have an impact on business and employee morale so it’s important to offer other incentives and programs to keep workers happy and motivated. Evidence shows that if your employees are happy, they are more motivated in the office. A healthy and happy workplace is an essential ingredient to a successful businesses.

That’s why many organizations are looking to Employee Wellness Programs to provide a boost of positive morale. A wellness program is an incentive to promote health and fitness in the workplace.

Benefits of a Wellness Program Include:

  • employee discounts to gyms
  • health screenings
  • immunizations
  • diabetes management
  • weight loss programs
  • workplace fitness events and activities
  • cash rewards

Another reason to look into employee wellness programs: the Affordable Care Act offers rewards to some companies who implement wellness programs. Officials understand that preventative health care is important and may help decrease medical expenses later on in life. They want business owners to educate employees about weight loss programs, diabetes prevention, and even discourage tobacco usage. Programs that are designed to prevent tobacco usage, can receive up to a 50% reward! Other rewards for certain programs may include 20-30% off the cost of health coverage in the form of a government subsidy.

Overall, wellness programs improve employee health and happiness, may decrease employee absence for sick days, and could help prevent the onset of preventative diseases through educational offerings.

Contact us today and find out how we can help get a wellness program set up for you today!

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