Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan (PCIP) Will No Longer Be Accepting Applicants as of March 2, 2013

The PCIP will no longer be accepting applicants as of March 2, 2013 due to limited funding from Congress.  PCIP subscribers are individuals with severe and expensive illnesses with immediate health care needs.  The PCIP will be using their funds to pay for their existing account of participants.  Current PCIP subscribers will not be affected by this change given that they pay their monthly fees on time.

In addition, if individuals who submitted their applications to enroll in PCIP but were missing information, they will still be processed for the PCIP as long as they submit the missing information in a timely manner.  All applicants trying to gain the PCIP after March 2, 2013 will be processed under California’s high risk pool, Major Risk Medical Insurance Plan (MRMIP).

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