March 31st is the Deadline to Enroll in Health Insurance

Doctor shows information on blackboard: health insurance
Doctor shows information on blackboard: health insurance
As the deadline to enroll in health coverage quickly approaches, more Californians are trying to enroll but are having challenges getting through on the phone. Half of callers have abandoned their calls because they couldn’t get through after 30 minute wait times.

Our advice: BE PATIENT.

Getting health coverage is extremely important for you, your family, and your business. Enrolling in a health care plan is beneficial for your health and can protect you from future financial burdens if something were to happen to you or your family. It is going to take time for the insurance providers and the Covered California representatives to process all of the enrollments so please try to stick it out with us.

As a reminder, a large percentage of people have not paid their first month’s premiums required to be enrolled in Covered California. If you do not pay an insurance premium, you will be dropped from the plan and forced to pay the penalty ($95 for individuals) for choosing to not have insurance coverage. The deadline to pay your first month’s premiums (if you are enrolling in Covered California) is April 25th, 2014.

Please let us know if you have any questions about enrolling in an insurance plan or the potential penalties.

Enroll in a Covered California plan here.

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