Healthy Office Lunches

It’s 12pm and you are sitting at your desk when your stomach starts to grumble. The lunchtime hunger kicks in and you have a few options: you can drive through McDonald’s, you can enjoy a rather expensive $10-$15 sit down meal with a coworker, or you can heat up your lean cuisine in the freezer. However, the truth is that none of these options sound very appetizing and are not very healthy for you. The McDonald’s meal may be inexpensive but it is loaded with carbs and sodium while the expensive sit down meal may be higher in calories since the portion sizes tend to be bigger. Lastly, that lean cuisine you intended to eat at work will ultimately fail to satisfy your stomach cravings for the rest of the day so you’ll find yourself binging on that snickers bar taunting you from the vending machine.

To make your office lunchtime more enjoyable, we’re offering you some healthier lunch alternatives that will satisfy your hunger and your afternoon cravings. Check out these 22 healthy lunch ideas here.

You can prepare these lunches in advance which will also save you time in the morning.  For example, you can make your salads overnight by keeping the dressing in a separate container so that your lettuce won’t become soggy.  In addition, you can have fruits and healthy snacks like almonds in the office in case you crave that snickers bar later.  These healthy snack alternatives and lunchtime options will make your mundane office lunches more exciting and fulfilling.

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