Healthcare Website Hacked

Last week, reports were released that hackers got access to the server and initiated a malware attack. They hackers went undetected for almost 2 months and the government only became aware of the attack after running a manual scam of the database. This is the first noted case of a hacker successfully getting through the site’s defenses. This news comes only a year after the numerous crashes to the website upon open enrollment. According to the Wall Street Journal, malware was uploaded to one of the servers signaling a fake wave of traffic. This increased wave of traffic could crash the site making online users unable to access it.

What about personal information?

The Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services claim that there was no private information leaked or hacked during this incident. After authorities reviewed the server and conducted the manual scam, they found that there wasn’t any personal information on that specific server. Therefore, the attacker should not have anyone’s private or personal information. Still, they are working on improving the website security to prevent any future re-occurrences.

What are people saying about this breach?

People are worried about the security of the website. The site contains personal and confidential information for millions of Americans. While it wasn’t accessed during this attack, it does raise concerns regarding the security and safety of this information.If you would like more information regarding the cyber attack of the website, please read more¬†here.

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