Covered California Behind on Enrollments

Since the initial launch of Covered California, nearly 1.4 million people have enrolled in the exchange (the goal set by Executive Director Peter Lee was 1.7 million enrollments). Still, there have been a few setbacks that have included special enrollment periods for the past two years to encourage last minute coverage. While last year’s special enrollment period was designed to get last minute signups because of the initial enrollment difficulties, the current special enrollment period is designed to help those who were “unaware of the tax penalty” receive coverage. Thus far, 18,000 people have signed up since the special enrollment period opened February 23rd.

However, California may have a bigger problem on its hands. It was recently ranked as one of the bottom five states in terms of enrollment growth. This is mostly due to the fact that it had significant troubles with retaining enrollees from 2014. Covered California retained 65% of enrollees compared to the 78% retained by the federal exchange.

Quick Facts

  • Covered California retained 2/3 enrollees
  • Covered California grew only 1% since 2014 enrollment
  • Nearly 200,000 people who tried enrolling were directed towards the Medi-Cal program (welfare program for low-income individuals)

What do you think? Was Covered California successful in achieving 2015 enrollments despite a few setbacks?

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