Back To School Health Tips

It’s that time of year again where the kids are headed back to school and you may be making doctors appointments left and right. Not only do you have to get the immunization shots before starting school but germs seem to spread faster than ever in the classroom. We’ve put together some of the top back to school tips to keep your kids healthy this year.

  • Don’t forget the immunizations. Most districts will not let students start the year off if they are not up to date on all of their medical vaccinations. Check your insurance policy to make sure that the vaccinations are covered by your plan and set up an appointment with your primary care physician or pediatrician.
  • Get to know the school nurses or the teachers if your child has a medical needs. This will ensure that your child takes the required medications throughout the school day and makes the school staff aware of the situation. This includes informing any teachers, staff, or students of any dietary restrictions like peanut allergies that could affect the child’s health.
  • Set up an eye appointment. Going to the eye doctor each August is a great way to start off the year and make sure you child’s vision is in OK. Vision changes with age so it’s important to have a routine check up.
  • Pack tissues and hand sanitizer in your child’s backpack. This will help them clean up quickly after kickball or a physical education class.
  • Make sure to prepare balanced, nutritious meals for your child which will help classroom performance, boost immunity, and impact everyday activities. Nutrition is extremely important as childhood obesity is on the rise. Help your child make the right choices when deciding on snacks and healthier options.
  • Make certain that your child gets eight hours of sleep. This is the recommended amount of sleep for proper growth. Sleep may also affect classroom behavior, extracurricular activities, and overall health. Sleep since this is a key ingredient to preventing health issues later in the school year.

What other back to school health tips do you have? Share them with us in the comments below.



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